Could history be ready to repeat itself here?

Is Netflix's incredible run over?
The company has been on an absolute tear and is now easily profitable as well.
In late 2011 and 2012, Netflix (NFLX -4.59%) faced some dark days. The company's stock price was floundering, and there were many questions about its expansion strategy and content costs.

Lately, however, Netflix has been on an absolute tear and is now easily profitable as well. In fact, the company is currently expected to earn $1.52 a share for the current year, a growth rate of over 420% from the previous year. Plus, Netflix has seen its share price surge by over 250% in the first nine months of the year, making it a star performer as well.

Yet despite this incredible run, some cracks are starting to appear in the Netflix story. The current forward price-to-earnings ratio is above 200, while the stock has just a Zacks Rank No. 3 ("hold"), and its Zacks Recommendation was recently downgraded to "neutral." Netflix has also lost about $30 from its share price in the last five days, including a 5% slump in Tuesday trading alone.

This recent tumble could suggest that the last new high in Netflix was the top for quite some time, and that some more poor trading could be ahead for the company. After all, we have been here before with Netflix, as the company saw a huge surge in early 2011, only to slump more than 70% in the final half of 2011. Could history be ready to repeat itself here?


But thanks to soaring revenues and a healthy expansion plan in international markets, NFLX could still have room to run. This could be especially true if the current slate of original content -- which includes the fantastic program and Emmy-winner "House of Cards" -- continues to convince cable-weary consumers that Netflix is an amazing deal at $8 a month for unlimited streaming (or one-DVD-at-a-time for the same price).

jeudi 10 octobre 2013 05:23

Hastings was a serious brain injury

Simon Hennessey, 49, was recently arrested in Australia for alleged credit card skimming, and police discovered he was travelling on a passport under the name Robert Eric Jeffery.


The real Robert Jeffery, 44, however is under round-the-clock care after he was thrown from his light truck in a 2005 crash, the Herald on Sunday reports.

His father Don says Robert has never had a passport and suspects Hennessey may have known one of his carers and that his son could not complain.

Police have seized electronic items from a Hastings property linked to Hennessey.


Spokesman Grant Ogilvie says police are looking at whether passport fraud may have been committed and whether Hennessey had help.

Detective Senior Sergeant Daren Edwards, of Sunshine Coast CIB, says Hennessey had a van fitted with computers and skimming equipment.


He would allegedly pose as a courier driver delivering coffee or courier fees and skim the person's bank details to steal money from their accounts.

If convicted, Hennessey could be jailed or deported to the UK.

In 1978, a 14-year-old Hennessey stabbed his 72-year-old aunt, Mary Webber, 70 times.

He pleaded guilty to manslaughter, claiming diminished responsibility, but then escaped from a Gloucestershire prison in 1998.

mardi 09 juillet 2013 08:28 , dans News

We don't need to obtain the goal of gambling

GIOVANNI TRAPATTONI WON’T sacrifice his team’s shape to chase valuable goals against the Faroe Islands.

Ahead of a World Cup qualifier in which Ireland badly need to improve their goal difference, the Italian says that instead of playing with an extra attacker, the ones on the pitch simply need to take their chances.

The Faroes arrive in Dublin next week rooted to the bottom of Group C with San Marino the only country to concede more goals per game in this qualifying campaign.

Although the race for second place is currently neck and neck on eight points, Austria are ten goals better off than Ireland while Sweden, who have played a game less than both countries, are four better.

Asked if he would be tempted into a more attacking approach in a bid to cut the deficit, Trapattoni said it shouldn’t be necessary.

In the past we had Damien Duff, Robbie Keane, Doyle, McGeady — four offensive players. The problem is that the offensive man needs to score. It’s not certain that if you have one more, he will score.
“The balance is more important. [Against England], many times we maintained this balance. It’s attitude. We can play three or four or five attackers, but it’s attitude.

“This attitude and spirit in the team attacking England — not the Faroes or a little team that is not famous — that same personality and attitude is important. When we had the ball, we played football. That increases our confidence.”

Looking back on Wednesday’s 1-1 Wembley draw, Seamus Coleman, James McCarthy and goalscorer Shane Long were again singled out as Trapattoni praised the squad’s newer faces for blossoming under the weight of responsibility.

“Until now they played a few games. They were on the bench or played the second half. When these younger players play, they are conscious.

“They play in the Premier League and in the Championship, against the famous teams, they increase and improve their personality and attitude and self-belief.

“I played football when I was 20 and by 24, I was a very different national player: with more personality in my football.

samedi 01 juin 2013 06:54 , dans News

Russian helicopter carrying nine people, rescue service

"The remains of the missing helicopter were found ... six kilometres from the village of Preobrazhenka," the Irkutsk regional emergency situations ministry said in a statement.

"There were nine people on board," it said, listing the region's acting emergency situations chief, Stanislav Omelyanchik, among those missing along with five other rescue officials and three crew investment fund management.

The helicopter took off from the nearest village Preobrazhenka and was bound for the Nizhnyaya Tunguska river when it stopped responding, the ministry said on its website on Monday.

The region's deputy emergency minister Valentin Nelyubov told the RIA Novosti news agency that the helicopter was carrying 1.9 tonnes of explosives for breaking up ice blocking the river.

The Preobrazhenka village had been in a state of emergency as water level rose almost nine metres after the ice blocked the water flow and 125 homes were flooded, the regional government said earlier.

The helicopter had flown out to take part in a flood rescue operation near the village in the north of the vast Irkutsk region, which is around 5,000 kilometres from Moscow.

The wreckage was discovered around 4 1/2 hours after the aircraft disappeared from the radar POLARIS SECURITIES(HK) LIMITED.

The multifunctional Russian-made Mi-8 helicopter is used by the military and by UN peacekeepers.

The crash took place a day after hunters located the wreckage of a small plane that crashed killing all 13 aboard in June last year, but had gone undiscovered for 11 months in an impassable bog in the Urals

mardi 07 mai 2013 04:44

The way of hunting jobs skills

College graduates job-hunting difficulties caused by the crux of the problem lies, their living environment is mainly from family and school, dba2a03dk transferred to the society and the market as the core. This transformation, so that the unit requires practitioners to provide employment opportunities, those units according to their own development needs and the current lack of content of post conditions. In this way, students want to let the employer know themselves, understand themselves, their own choice, will have to cover the ways and methods to promote themselves, show themselves, to sell yourself. One is the basic link of graduates employment, employment base.

A, recommendation way

Direct and indirect recommendation recommendation recommendation two. Direct cover is defined by himself to the employer to do self introduction, self evaluation, self promotion. Indirect recommendation refers to the use of intermediaries, intermediary agencies or related materials to recommend oneself, not personally, only their own ideas and conditions to tell third party, or the formation of materials can be recommended for their own purposes. In general, recommend the approach include:

( a ) the site himself

This recommendation, require the applicants must visit the employer or the recruitment site. The utility model has the advantages of directly in the face of the employing units, to display their own style, easy to leave deep impression to the person, if the outstanding performance, may be on the spot. The disadvantage is the limited in their scope, sometimes by time, energy and geographical constraints. In general, the employing units in the met, through various means and graduates and graduate signing so, whatever you put in what way, are necessary to learn and master the introductory skill. In fact, the scene itself divided in detail also can be divided into the following three ways:

1, to cover. With this introductory material to recommend their employers.

2, to participate in the recruitment will cover. The site take personal recommendation to talent recruitment to recommend myself.

3, in practice or social practice process itself. Through various internships and social practice opportunities to recommend myself.

( two ) the written recommendation

Through the mail or deliver to recommend material way to sell yourself. The wide coverage, can enlarge the cover range, is not restricted by time and space, is not affected by the " play " Serach jobs and "instrument ", is also commonly used to recommend ways of graduates job-hunting process.

( three ) the phone cover

By telephone to recommend a job in their own way. In the job search process, the phone itself plays the role of " astepping-stone to success .". Make full use of the telephone connection that after only a short time, show yourself with the most concise language, as far as possible to give the impression that a clear, deep, good impression, lay good foundation for the interview.

( four ) the advertisement cover

This is mainly by the personnel magazine, newspaper, radio or television and other media related to the employment of graduates recommend themselves to society. This way, wide coverage, wide audience, easy to achieve " extensive Bo " effect. Part of the long-term professional, not general or special graduates to take this way often can get beat all effect.

( five ) the network cover

This is in recent years with high-tech tools of a new approach. Graduates can be their own introductory material even upload photos to the specialized graduate employment information web site or talent recruitment website, also can be directly sent to the employer 's personnel department email. This wide and high level, the supply and demand sides can exchange time on the Internet (continued sent a letter to the web page content), communication, and relatively low cost. With the rapid development of information technology, this recommendation will be accepted by more and more graduates and the enterprise recruitment in the future.

vendredi 25 janvier 2013 03:01


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